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Did you know May is National Date Your Mate Month?

Whether you committed recently or years ago, spending time keeping a relationship fresh and the intimacy real between two people requires dedication. The excuse of busy lives needs to be put aside. We can be mindful (yes we – it takes both to make the partnership work) of our spouse’s needs simply by listening and observing. And if that doesn’t work, ask.

Create quiet time by scheduling it. Does that sound boring? Yes, but use the scheduled time to learn about the things you’re missing in each other’s lives. Then commit to wooing each other the rest of the month.

Dates can be spontaneous, fun and inexpensive. Make eye contact and ask questions beyond the everyday. For example, ask if your spouse remembers the first time he ever tried to ride a bike. Did she ever sing karaoke? Try breaking into new territory and create memories worth looking back on in the future.

When the night is over, tell each other which part of the night you enjoyed most. Let your spouse know how much you love them and appreciate them, too..

Now we know during this time with covid-19 we are all quarantined and it is hard to go do the fun stuff we like to do, so we have come up with some inexpensive but creative ways to spend time together:

Romance in the Kitchen

Spice it up by wearing a little something-something, and invite your hubby to help. Turn on music from your dating era (a little Boyz II Men, anyone?). Make a meal you love but your kids won’t eat. Serve it on the good dishes, and save the clean up for tomorrow.

Start Early

Maybe you are like me and fall asleep as soon as you sit still each night. Nothing kills the mood during a date like a drooling, comatose spouse. LOL Consider an early morning date. Set your alarm a little early. Brush your teeth, and enjoy some snuggles in your already warm bed. Put on your sexy personalized panties, cook up some breakfast and serve it on a tray and have breakfast in bed together. (or you could prep food the night before because once the kids hear noise in the kitchen, the date could be over!)

Party All Night

Fight the tendency to pass out with caffeine. Instead of sharing that romantic glass of wine, brew coffee after you put the kids to bed. Add some flavored syrup or your favorite creamer to make it decadent. Split a bar of dark chocolate while you watch that movie all snuggled up on the sofa. Plan this on a night when the preceding day is a little more relaxed in case you are tired from your late-night rendezvous.

Take it Outside

The outdoors are romantic and totally free. The serenity and slow pace bring us back to us. We remove electronics and obstacles and remember we are on the same team. Take a walk and watch the sunrise or sunset, ride bikes, roller blade or run on the trail, sit outside and stargaze after the kids are tucked in. Maybe take a late night swim in the pool. Remember the past and dream about the future—this makes the present so precious.

How To Observe

There are 31 days in May, so there’s ample time to date your mate. Plan to go on several dates throughout the month with your significant other. Use #DateYourMateMonth to share on social media.

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