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How to Throw a Lingerie Shower

Are you tasked with throwing a lingerie shower for the bride-to-be? First, you need to know what a lingerie shower is! In the most basic sense, it's a party where guests shower the bride with gifts of lingerie. It's sexier than a bridal shower and is usually a held in one location, unlike many bachelorette parties. A lingerie shower can be as classy or sexy as you'd like--just make sure the attendees are all on the same page!

1. Send out Invitations: Whether they're paper invites or an e-vite, make sure you let guests know it's a lingerie party, and to bring a gift for the bride-to-be. Ask the bride for her bra and underwear size in advance, and include the sizes in the invitation. That way all of the guests will get something that actually fits her! If you have a specific type of gift you'd like them to bring (whether it's themed or related to a game you're playing), let them know!

2. Get a Gift: You sent out the invites, now you've got to get a gift yourself! Get a cute sleep set to help her get used to her new title with a personalized 'Mrs.' Cheeky Panty'. No matter what you pick, make sure it's something that the bride (or groom) will love and she will want to wear after her wedding. The goal is to stock her lingerie wardrobe for the honeymoon and the newlywed life. If the bride-to-be is sassy, you can even include some more risque items like a personalized mens' boxer briefs for the groom to wear! Don't forget to put it all in a bag thebagthe bride will love to unwrap.

3. Plan some Lingerie Party Games: A lingerie shower is centered around the gifts, but the lingerie party gifts themselves can be a game! Try one or more of these lingerie shower ideas to spice up your party:

  • Have each guest bring an unwrapped pair of underwear that showcases their personality as their gift. Have the bride-to-be pull out each underwear from a box or a bag and guess who gave it to her and why. A the end of the game, she gets to keep all of the underwear!

  • Play "Lingerie Shower Bingo." Create a Bingo sheet with words like "Cute," "Sexy," the fiance's name, "honeymoon," "wedding," "newlywed," and other phrases commonly used in your friend group. As they're said throughout the day, guests can mark it off on their sheet. The first to get a BINGO wins a prize!

  • Take a break from opening gifts and test the bride's knowledge of her groom! Ask the groom the questions in advance, and then quiz the bride during the party. Does she know how he'll answer?

4. Prepare the Menu:Have some small treats and drinks available for guests. We suggest champagne and easy finger food. Think small quiches, fruit and veggie trays, and mini cupcakes. Want to go a bit more raunchy? Top the cupcakes with mini penis candles.

5. Decorate: Pick a: The Bride will be the center of attention, so make sure she looks the part! Pick her out are (plates, cups, napkins), or decorate more of the home.

6. Outfit the Bride:The Bride will be the center of attention, so make sure she looks the part! Pick her out sash she'll love and complement her outfit with a matching veil. She can re-use the items for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and the rehearsal dinner!

7. Enjoy! Once the party begins, try to relax and enjoy yourself! Just make sure someone is writing down who gives what lingerie party gifts to the bride so she can write Thank You notes later!

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