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The 7 Best Bachelorette Party Games

While the shower is often thought of as the traditional place to play organized games, your bachelorette party is absolutely fair game for them too (no pun intended). The key to pulling off a few fun, organized bachelorette party games is to keep them short, make the rules straightforward and ensure any game you choose can be played with a glass of champagne in hand. Check out our five favorite bachelorette party games below.

1. Bachelorette Party Categories Game

This game is a play off of the game Kings, except with wedding- or bachelorette-party-related topics. 

What to Prep

Come up with several (5 to 10) wedding- or bachelorette-related categories and write them down on separate note cards. Make them as easy or difficult as you want. Your topics could be anything from wedding dress designers to types of flowers and famous wedding movies. If you want to go more R-rated, add a few saucy categories you think the group can handle.

How to Play

Everyone takes turns choosing a card. Whomever's turn it is to choose a card then has 10 seconds to name an item in that particular category. If the player can't think of one item for that category, they're out (or they have to take a sip of their drink!). 

2. "Finish Their Sentence" Bachelorette Party Game

This bachelorette party game is like The Newlywed Game, but without both soonlyweds there.

What to Prep

Ask the bride's partner to write down a few things about her, with your help. For example, "I love when I come home and [their name] is ______."or "My favorite thing to do with [their name] is ______ because ______." See where we're going with this?  Once you have all of the sentences, write or print out the parts of the sentence you have on cardstock. Make enough extra cards for each guest to fill in how they think her partner would complete the sentence. If you want to make the game into more of a game show, buy two whiteboards and dry-erase markers and have everyone write down their answers at the same time.

How to Play

Read each of the sentences aloud, emphasizing the blank/s. Then have all players write down their fill-in-the-blank answers and take turns reading them out loud to the group. Keep a score of the guests who get the answers closest to the truth.

3. The Lingerie Guessing Game

Everyone brings a piece of lingerie they feel describes their personality to gift to the bride, then the bride guesses who gave each one.

What to Prep

Let each guest know ahead of time to bring a personalized bra, personalized panty, bodysuit or teddy to the party as a gift. Distract the bride while you hang each one around the room.

How to Play

Once everyone's, ahem, contributions are on display, have the bride walk around surveying each piece and write down who she thinks brought it. See how many she can get right. Up the stakes a bit and have her take a drink for each one she gets incorrect.

4. "Never Have I Ever"

Here's one of the most classic bachelorette party games in the bunch. Each player takes a turn completing the phrase "Never have I ever…" with a true statement. The rest of the group has to take a drink if the statement isn't true for them.

What to Prep


How to Play

Take turns coming up with deeds you've never done. With this game, the more scandalous, the better—depending on your crowd, that is. (For example, "Never have I ever had sex in public.") If anyone actually has done the mentioned deed, they have to take drink. If only one person drinks, the rule is that person has to reveal all the details. Obviously if it's an all-ages and coed party, tame the tone a little to suit your crowd.

5. Sexy Bachelorette Party Treasure Hunt

Think of this as the classic scavenger hunt's saucier cousin.

What to Prep

Hide sexy props—whatever you're into—throughout the house, backyard or wherever you're throwing the party.

How to Play

Divide guests into teams and give them a list of items to find. The team that finds the most items wins! Up the challenge (and fun) and gives guests clues instead of item names, such as "something adventurous for the bedroom."

6. The Great Unmentionable Bakeoff

Who doesn't love a baking show? Also, you've got to eat at the bachelorette party, right?

What to Prep

Before the party, run to the grocery store and stock up on baking goods for each attendee. You're going to want flour, sugar, eggs and lots of decorating options. We're talking colored icing, sprinkles and more.

How to Play

Have you seen the delightful show, "The Great British Bakeoff?" Then you kind of already know how this bachelorette game works. Present your "competitors" with the same baking ingredients and then instruct them to bake a naughty cake. You can specify that it must resemble a patricular body part or leave it up to your competitors to interpret. Start the timer (though the oven may need to be shared) and let the bride-to-be judge and award the winner. Then it's time to eat up!

7. Adult Charades

Family game night just got raunchy. If you've ever played charades, then you get the gist of this bachelorette game.

What to Prep

Put on your naughty thinking cap and devise a variety of adult-themed words for the other guests to perform. Write them on slips of paper and throw them together in a bowl or hat.

How to Play

Divide party goers into multiple teams of at least two people. Set a timer for three minutes. One person from Team A will pick a word from the bowl and attempt to act it out without speaking. The other members of their team have to guess the word. If the team guesses correctly, they earn a point and the actor will pick another word. Repeat the process until the timer runs out. At that point, the next team is up. Make sure to rotate the actor for each team so that everyone gets a chance to be the performer and the guesser.

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